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Sunbeam Talbot Coupe' Rear Hood Rail 

This laminated hood rail is now avaliable to order from us, to the original specification. There are two versions early ( Mark 1 90 and early Mark2 ) and later cars, the difference being in the length of the ends and the tacking groove. Please enquire for prices and availability. We can also make all the other timber sections as well for these cars.


Performance Enhancing

With the generous loan of original patterns from various club members we are now able to offer a performance enhancing kit for original Alpine Special cars and ordinary, Alpine Saloon and Coupe modelsfrom Mk2 to 2a ( not Mk3 ).
This kit will be designed to take the weber twin choke down draught carburetter and when fitted looks very similar to the original but with reliability, economy and spare parts availability along with the performance increase.
The parts included in the eventual kit are shaded on the parts list diagram below this text.
Prices are:
Inlet manifold £240
Exhaust Manifold £255
Air Filter Elbow £165.
We have yet to fix a price for the Air Filter and fitting kit. The carbs are available new or secondhand and jet settings will be available.
We are looking for firm orders with a deposit, on an initial batch of 10 Kits of which we have around half so far.


We have sold the first batch of kits and these have been a great success enabling owners of these cars to realise its full potential. it can be fitted as individual parts as an upgrade to existing Special models or as a complete kit on a standard Alpine, Coupe or 90 Saloon.  The current cost of the kit including carburetter is £1660 plus shipping.

Alpine Special Manifold Kits

Pattern making is taking place with parts expected soon.

Pattern making Process
Inlet Manifold
Exhaust Manifold

Number Plates
We now produce cast number plates identical to factory supplied and works cars but will fit any car up to 1963 when the character size changed. They come polished and painted and the characters are permanently attached in the casting process. The edge is polished and they are not as heavy as some pre-war vintage plates, being approximately 1/4" thick.
Price per pair £160 plus post and packing. Please contact us for ordering and payment prior to casting.


Sunbeam Talbot body side mouldings and Pipe clips

We are currently developing tooling to produce these hard to come by parts, especially the Alpine and Coupe long rear wing strips.These kits to fit Alpine, Coupe and Saloon will be available very soon at £145 plus shipping.  We also make the sliding plate clip in stainless steel for these mouldings and they come part of the kit.  Other Clips available in stainless steel and to original pattern are the brake line and fuel line clips.

Sunbeam Talbot Overide Choke control

Early cars have the automatic choke control which can be troublesome at times.
Rootes developed this control as an accessory and we are replicating an original as a kit which gives better control over the original set up which is left in place and will work as normal if required.
Reproduced from the original one, we have a small batch of these genuine parts to fit Mark 2 and 2A cars fitted with the original automatic choke. Even if the original is fitted but not functioning correctly this kit will overcome the problem. Supplied with dash bracket and choke cable £65.00 including postage in the UK.


Windscreen Washer Jet Special Accessory

For: Sunbeam Rapier / Singer Gazelle / Hillman Minx and Husky

Series 1 to 3a Rapier, Gazelle 1 to3c, Minx 1 to 3c, Husky 1 and 2

Developed by Rootes as an accessory we have  produced new parts to original patterns and they fit over the windscreen wiper spindles with a small hole required to allow the tubing to connect to the jet. This is covered and made watertight by the new seal block which is shaped to fit these cars. So that they can be fitted to other models providing there is room  to locate the tubing hole required, a larger seal block can be supplied and shaped to fit any contour thus allowing the spindle nut to locate the thread. 
Price including post and packing in the UK £43.00 per pair, cheques payable to K Sparkes please.


Sunbeam Talbot Competition Department

Half shaft oil seal carriers

Reproduced exactly for a customer with a works car we have a small run of these parts, developed to help keep oil away from the brake linings. They are made in Aluminium and react better to temperature than the original thin steel one. They are available to fit Mark2 onwards at £73.00 a pair including postage in the UK. 


Spare Wheel Cover

Subeam Rapier, Singer Gazelle, Hillman Minx

Spare wheel cover made to an original pattern in the correct materials for 15 inch wheels only.
£40.00 plus £9.00 postage in the UK.


Rear Lamp Reflector Plates for Sunbeam Talbots

All models Mark1,2,2a,3 and Alpine

Made in stainless steel complete with reflector and longer fixing screws.

£40 a pair plus £3.00 postage in the UK.


Sunbeam Rapier Competition Parts.

We are in the process of re-manufacturing some competition parts for Series 3/3a cars. Most owners who wish to improve the performance to works spec. can do so relatively easily on the mechanical side but we are going to produce a batch of the following and would like firm orders from interested parties.

These are:

Works front silencer to fit 4 branch manifold.

Competition front coil springs.

Competition anti-roll bar.

Competition rear springs


We have all the required spec`s and drawings and if a batch can be made it will reduce individual costs, please contact us to place a provisional order. Other parts will become available in time.

Speedometer Reconditioning Service


Due to a lack of spare parts for the AC Delco instrument we have had specially produced the two drive gears that fail inside.  As a result we can offer reconditioned and calibrated units by return in two weeks.  The cost is £200 plus shipping and we will require figures from you for calibration, please enquire. 

parts and spares click here

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